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The African Diaspora Business Roundtable (ADBR) is a national Washington, D.C.-based SME trade association and professional consulting firm, an "organization of organizations". ADBR is the premier network of Diaspora business leaders from across the U.S. who connect on a regular basis to identify business opportunities in Africa in partnership with African SMEs. Our members bring a wide variety of skills, financial capacity, and interests to the table.

Vision:            Unite and coordinate the efforts of the Business Diaspora Private Sector to enhance trade and investment with Africa through advocacy and program administration with effective training.

Mission:          To become a one stop resource center that will support the business development needs and growth of Africa and America entrepreneurs through adequate training in specialized areas such as AGOA, International Trade Basics and Access to Capital.

Services:         Individual and Group consulting on international trade logistics in Africa.

 African Trade Mission coordination.

 Africa Export-Import Trade Show representation in the USA and Africa.

  Seminars and panel discussions on “Best Business Practices” in Africa & USA

 Real Estate purchase referrals in Africa and the USA

   Guidance on Public-Private-Partnerships

 Access to Capital for International Projects.

 Financing Exports and Insurance


·         To expand the role of private enterprise in Africa and to create an environment conducive to economic growth and prosperity;

·         To provide assistance to existing enterprises and to serve as a forum for business leaders to study issues, exchange ideas and develop positions and solutions to problems of mutual concern;

·         To serve as a forum for its members, promote the establishment of business relations among them and encourage the formation of joint ventures;

·         To promote wider awareness of Africa’s business, investment and trade potential;

·         To co-operate with Governments, the public sector and other organizations in Africa and internationally with a view to advocating elimination of impediments to investment and trade;

·         To advise and encourage governments and other national, regional or international institutions, to adopt laws, policies, regulations and procedures that enhance business growth, especially in small and medium- sized enterprises;

·         To build and maintain a positive image and enhance the good reputation and effectiveness of African entrepreneurs by providing them with :

·         Training and professional opportunities (including expert information on research and appropriate technology)

·         Advice on potential sources of capital; and

·         Assistance in resource mobilization;

·         To encourage indigenous African enterprises in the processing and marketing of raw materials and agriculture products and in the various service sectors;

·         To promote amicable settlement of business disputes through mediation and arbitration;

·         To serve as an instrument for healthy dialogue with governments and the public sector;

·         To co-operate with African regional and sub-regional financial or economic organizations for the integration of the economies of Africa;

·         To serve as a partnership that is able to assist businessmen and businesswomen to play a constructive role in building a more prosperous Africa.

African Diaspora Business Roundtable


Chair, Dr. Malcolm Beech : 202-510-8094                       

1801 McCormick Drive, Largo, MD,

Suite 350


The success of increased US-Africa Trade depends on the success of the American African Diaspora Trade and Investment engagement. The American African Diaspora represents 47 million people with US Congressional representation and over $1.5 trillion dollars in spending power.

Mission: To increase trade, travel and investment between African SMEs and American African Diaspora SMEs


1) Promote Joint Ventures between US and African SMEs

2) Promote full utilization of AGOA opportunities

3) Engage full utilization of resources available to American Diaspora SMEs

4) Encourage enactment and implementation of African legislation to support African SMEs on the continent

5) Advocate for African Continental Free Trade Agreement trade agreements between Africa countries

6) Advocate for easing US Visa requirements for African SMEs


a) Increase non-textile/oil Africa-US trade by 500% by 2026

b) Increase number of US-Africa Joint ventures by 100% by 2026 in cooperation with AWEP-Kenya as the initial prototype.

c) Increase revenues of non-textile/oil AGOA exporters by 500% by 2027

d) Create Four agri-processing enterprises by 2025

e) Create Four waste2energy projects by 2025

f) Build 1,000 affordable housing units by 2026
g) Identify and assist 100 US-based AGOA Importers by 2026


I) African Diaspora Trade & Investment Conferences

African Diaspora Homecoming Conference and Trade Fair-December 7-9 , 2024, Nairobi, Kenya


Africa Travel & Trade Missions
Manage AGOA  Importers Network – 100 members - 
ADBR sponsored Joint Ventures –  Ten opportunities – 
III) Provide Information Assistance to: African Embassies, US-Africa Trade Councils
IV) Advocate for Policy Upgrades to: Prosper Africa, USAID, US Congress, AGOA,USTDA, AfDB, SBA, etc.

V) America-Africa Trade Center: Export-Import, Wholesale Marketing & Distribution, Foreign Trade Zone